Whispers of Influence


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We all have those people in our lives. You know, that person who comes into our circle of being, spins around waving the magic wand of words and ideas before fluttering away.

This happened to me in 2012 after years of writing, rewriting, making lists, doing research, but mostly procrastinating and having nothing to show for it. Okay, I had nothing to show because I had a fear of putting my words out for public consumption.

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After a Willamette Writers meeting in Portland, Oregon I was chatting with a guy named David. (I don’t remember his last name anymore.) for the first time that I could remember I verbalized my fear. Oh, I wrapped it all pretty with a bow and humor. “Oh David, who wants to read the ramblings of an old lady.” (ha ha ha) 

That’s when he threw out the challenge… “Go to WordPress and start a blog. Maybe someone will read it. Maybe they won’t. But you will work through the fear and you have nothing to lose.” 

I laughed it off. But before parting ways he gave me his blog address and said he’d be expecting mine next month. Shoot, now what was I going to do? What could I even blog about? The pressure was real and I had a month to work on it.

Through the lens of fear I thought seriously of accepting failure… or possibly never going to another meeting again. But instead, I sucked it up and found myself at the bottom of the blogging learning curve.

Then, one month later When All Is Said and Done… I’ll Still Have Something to Say was born…. with subject matter all over the board. Just like life.

parazing to write

David was right. Some posts produce few sightings. Others become quite popular. Why? I don’t know. However, my paralyzing fear has faded. Nothing bad happened to me.

I’d like to publicly thank David… wherever you are …for being that influence who encouraged me and whispered, start a blog. I am forever grateful.

I sincerely hope you have a person in your life who whispers words of encouragement to you. And don’t forget to say thank you.

Until Next Time ~ Keep Writing

Keep Writing