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This weekend I experienced a rare phenomenon. No matter what I did or thought… words fell out of me and on to the page. It was one of those times when I couldn’t type fast enough. My mind racing ahead of my hands I had to resort to jotting notes on the side to capture ideas and direction. It was baffling, fun and overwhelming.

Three projects had sat in front of me for a week with no progress made. The inner critic had comments for everything I wrote. The voices could be heard whispering, too sappy, too preachy, doesn’t sound right, check your facts. Nothing was good enough. Starting to feel discouraged I set these works in progress off to the side and moved on to procrastination… which the inner critic seems to have no problem with.

Sighting perfect timing… the following graphic came to my attention successfully breaking procrastinations hold.

keep writing

It all comes down to keep writing… Don’t stop.

I did keep writing and I didn’t stop.

Hope you are doing the same.